Welcome to Boyd Enterprises!

The home of Chemi-pure, Chemi-pure Elite, Chemi-pure Blue, Chemi-pure Blue nano packs Chemi-clean, Vita-chem, and Chemi-bags.

We are the manufacturer of aquarium treatment products that you have come to know and trust. We continue to manufacture our products in the USA to the same high standards we have maintained for more than 50 years. These standards are what have allowed us to provide products to millions of hobbyists who trust and depend on us to provide the only best.

For over 50 years, Boyd Enterprises has created some of the finest fish and aquarium products available. Beginning with Chemi-pure, the Original Ion Filter Medium that revolutionized aquarium care, our product line has evolved into a selection of products essential for today's aquarium hobbyist. Our next major contribution to the hobby came in the form of Chemi-pure Elite. Chemi-pure Elite combines the benefits of Chemi-pure into a one product solution that also also removes phosphates and silicates.

Don't be mislead! Many have tried to imitate our products and some even claim that they are as good as Chemi-pure. This is not the case. Chemi-pure is used by everyone, from the new hobbyist to the professionals at large public aquariums. Find out why Chemi-pure is the choice of professionals and Fish Keeping Success Starts with Chemi-pure!.