Retail Advantage Inc. (RAI) supplies Pet Supply Retailers with the new iMARC i2 Pet ID Tag and Equine Plate Engraving System. The iMARC produces pet store owners with the highest margin sale (over 80% margin) and thousands of dollars of profit in about one square foot of retail space. RAI is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for the iMARC Pet ID Tag Engraving System. Retail Advantage also is the Distributor for Yellow Dog Design Collars and Leashes. RAI also offers in-store POP solutions for printing and displaying signs, labels and tags.

The New iMARC i2 Pet ID Tag & Equine Plate Engraving System

A 2011 Retailers TOP PICK – Pet Product News International

• Generate thousands of dollars of profit every year from one square foot of space.

• Customers appreciate getting tags made while they watch, in about a minute.

• Thousands of tag styles to choose from. Standard, Boutique and Designer Tags

• Make matching tags for Yellow Dog Design Collars

• Increase store traffic by offering Pet ID Tags while customers watch

• Personalize other iMARC products for your customers

• Engrave Coastal Pet Products “Metal Buckle” Collars

Yellow Dog Design Collars and Leashes

• Superior quality collars and leads made in the USA

• Styles, patterns and designs for every customers special pet

• New designs and styles regularly