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For over four decades, Coast Tropicals has been an industry leader providing quality livestock from around the world. Two brothers never dreamed that a small operation based in a garage in 1967, would grow into one of the most successful wholesale operation in the aquatic livestock industry today

Coast Tropicals takes a long-term view, both in terms of the investment it makes in its business relationships as well as it’s commitment to ensuring the continued viability of the natural resources which come from the world’s oceans and seas. In addition, unsurpassed quality, customer service and technological innovation are key priorities, allowing Coast Tropicals to continually improve its business practices.

Clearly, much has changed since John and Walter Scott ran the business out of a garage in 1967. However, one thing clearly remains cast in stone with the current generation running the business today, our commitment to customers, suppliers and family of workers. This loyalty differentiates Coast Tropicals from other wholesalers in the industry and is the benchmark for our company's continued success.